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Privacy policy

No advertisements. No personal data is collected. No personal data is stored in the database in any reversible readable format. Only necessary personal data as email address, name and password is stored in the database but, as mentioned, they are not readable in any possible way back to readable format.

All personal data as email address, name and password is stored in the database in a way that they are not reversible back to readable format in any way. If data breach happens, I am not responsible for any loss or damage suffered. I seriously recommend you not to fill any text field with your personal information because this site doesn't ask any of your personal informations ever.

In the case of this site, this site not have any critical information about users because this site does not ask any and therefore does not contain any. I seriously recommend you not to fill any text field with your personal information because this site doesn't ask any of your personal informations ever.

And specifically, I express myself out of any harm that can happen if, in the case of the data breach, it creates problems for someone, or in the case of any other case, I do not take the responsibility for any damage or loss that has occurred. This site is my own hobby, you have access to the services of this site that require login by creating your own user account but you are solely only, solely, merely, just, alone, strictly responsible for your information that you write to the text fields of this site.

User data will not be kept indefinitely in the database if the user does nothing for a long time. User data is the most important thing and will be kept as long as possible depending on the evolving situation. As the site and service evolve, the user will not be notified of any data loss. If it is decided that the idle user account will be deleted, the entire user account will be deleted and all related information, including url redirects.

I program and maintain this because I want to show my interest and willingness to learn more and being a visual person to learn best by doing and experimenting. As Mental Outlaw nicely says, where I could not agree more:

If you try to implement something like password storage, account management and logins yourself, you're probably gonna fuck it up. It's not saying that you're stupid or anything like that. Most people that try doing this on their own end up fucking it up.

So many major hacks and database breaches that have happened over the years especially before login with google was common is because somebody tried to do this stuff on their own and they made a small mistake but a small mistake that can cost millions.

Now I'm not against people setting things up themselves obviously and decentralizing the internet, I think that that's really important to do but it needs to be done correctly.

I've done my best to prevent unwanted incidents from occurring and this develops me further in doing so and learning more because I dare to do, try and manage my own login system and the system that uses it. Taking it always as much seriously that i can understand it in any given time that everything can always be stored as safely as possible, but you take the full risk the responsibility of any harm that can occur of using my applications if you want to use them.

In case of abuse, illegal use

You as a user, you take the full responsibility that your given information is legal to you to use. You take the full responsibility of your data what you write on this site. If you give any illegal data or do illegal actions that may be possible to do through the services on this site, what I can not control, you are fully and only responsible of that kind of illegal actions.

In the case of illegal action investigation I can not go backwards in the system to tell what for example is the user email address because it and all those points uses the PHP functions hash with salt, password_hash and password_verify. In such a case, we can try investigate further, I can give the database for further investigation. User who commits an illegal activity will be removed from the site.

With that said, for the regular reader, you are on your own to do any illegal action in this site. I am not on the side of committing an illegal activity and in such a case, I will hand over the possible helpful information to investigators to further investigations, if we find a user who commits illegal material over this site.

URL Shortener data usage

Url redirections Prefix, Custom Url and Url fields ARE NOT taken as close personal data, so do not fill them with any sensitive or personal information. They are visible in readable format through the actual url redirection links without login if someone get or guess the Prefix and/or the Custom Url.

In the database, only values that can be seen in plain text is how much url redirects the user can create, whether the user email address is verified or not and date when the user last login, and some other dates of different actions. Dates of actions is stored in the database of manner of maintaining the database.

Also visible thing in the database is that which action the user have requested to control the account personal information(email address, name or password or account deletion). The action of what it was is visible, but can not be seen what the user did with it or what are the new information that the user have changed in readable format.

Browser cookies

This website uses cookies to function as expected. This site uses cookies for notification windows to work and to keep the URL shortener logged in if it was left so. This site also uses Cloudflare to accomplish the HTTPS connection. Cloudflare also creates its own cookie because of its functionality.

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