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In case of abuse, illegal use

You as a user, you take the full responsibility that your given information is legal to you to use. You take the full responsibility of your data what you write on this site. If you give any illegal data or do illegal actions that may be possible to do through the services on this site, what I can not control, you are fully and only responsible of that kind of illegal actions.

In the case of illegal action investigation I can not go backwards in the system to tell what for example is the user email address because it and all those points uses the PHP functions hash with salt, password_hash and password_verify. In such a case, we can try investigate further, I can give the database for further investigation. User who commits an illegal activity will be removed from the site.

With that said, for the regular reader, you are on your own to do any illegal action in this site. I am not on the side of committing an illegal activity and in such a case, I will hand over the possible helpful information to investigators to further investigations, if we find a user who commits illegal material over this site.

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