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Tässä osiossa tuon ajatukseni esille, jakaen ne kaikille, toivoen että näistä teksteistä voi olla hyötyä muillekkin ihmisille. Tuon ajatuksiani myös esille sen takia että minun kuva ihmisenä olisi helposti ymmärrettävissä nuorisotyössä ja työnhaussa koska tarvitsen tukea ja ohjausta potentiaalini esilletuomisessa ja positiivisen asenteen säilyttämisessä.

Jos tunnet herkäksi omien mietteittesi ja näkemystesi vertailun muiden ihmisten näkemyksiin ja mietteisiin niin en suosittele lukemaan tämän osion tekstejä koska nämä ovat minun omia ajatuksiani minun elämästäni, minun mietteitäni siitä miten itse olen kasvanut ihmisenä ja näen ne itselleni hyödyllisenä ja voimaannuttavina ajatuksina.

Sen sijaan, jos pystyt osoittamaan tietynlaista avoimuutta ja avointa mieltä siitä että jokaisella ihmisellä on oma elämä ja omanlaiset näkemykset maailmasta niin olen varma siitä että voit ymmärtää ja löytää ajatuksistani ja mietteistäni, mitä näillä sivuilla kerron, mielenkiintoisia kohtia ja juttuja mitä saattaa olla mielenkiintoista lukea.

Kiitos ymmärryksestäsi.

Please note

In this section I bring up my thoughts, sharing them with everyone, hoping that these thoughts can be useful to other people as well. I also bring up my thoughts because my image as a person would be easily understood in youth work and job search because I need support and guidance in highlighting my potential and maintaining a positive attitude.

If you feel sensitive to comparing your own thoughts and views to other people, then i don't recommend reading the texts in this section because these are my own thoughts about my life, my thoughts about how i myself have grown as a person and i see them as useful and empowering thoughts for myself.

Instead, if you can show a certain kind of openness that everyone has their own life and their own views of the world, then i am sure that you can understand and my thoughts can be interesting to read.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stuttering and life mindset

Stuttering has been a great challenge for me when i was a kid and at schools I was therefore bullied very much and I had a lot of mental difficulties which seemed really impossible to overcome. I'm over it now very nicely as an adult. With an attitude of life forward nicely and boldly, yet with useful reasonable plans and the right motives.

Listen to others and really see what other people having in their minds too, and see and feel the usefulness of things of your life, and from people close to you, if there are some usefulness. There is no magic. No one sees life for you or not even does things for you, by living your life for you. Meditation can be very useful. Meditate on it so you can found out deep useful points from things that keeps you on the track, even in hard times and how you can move forward and even found ways to improve yourself inside your own scope that feels fittable and good for you. Meditate in a way that makes sense for you and feels good. My ideal situation to meditate is with nice suitable music, quietly walking around the room and thinking about something.

Change things inside you that impacts on your life, accordingly to the situation of your life if you don't see the happiness in your life, or you see that you are not in the point yet what you trying to reach and you should do something, things what you are planning to do, even in day basis. Only you have the full control of how you feel about your surroundings despite the situation where you are in, even if it were really bad looking situation or really hard to handle and feels really bad.

When you feel positivity instead of negativity, and you see positive things instead of negative things in life, then you can actually start to do things and take care of important things rightly, and be a winner. Just to yourself to be a winner, just in your mind, to you, you can think like that and get things done anyway, despite the fact how hard it sometimes feels to live life in some days, you still come out as a winner and go on with you life consistently and been very stable human being.

When things feel too hard to manage or complete as a winner and you feels hopeless, look again for those things or thing and see if it is actually really that important to get, and look maybe other relevant different ways to complete the goal what you think about. The way or the goal can be also moved or changed, depending on your needs, will and discretion.

Often the goal goes a little ahead and changes all the time. There the big picture is more important thing, where you are going and you just doing nice moves in your life. Maybe the goal changes in every move your take. Maybe you are changing the goal just a little bit somehow to fit more precisely to some other current changing situations but it seems still nice every time because you feel that you doing the right things and moving the right direction and finally, in one nice day, realising that you have reached the goal, and currently doing further things in same nice manner.

If it is really very important thing to get but still feels really impossible and hard, even scary, then start to chop those things or thing, or thing at the time, into pieces and even to more smaller pieces, until you can start to see them as possibilities and opportunities to complete. If something feels so impossible but important to have, keep or get done, like your life is very important, keep it going!

Here are some good audiobooks on speaking and self-confidence. I recommend reading and finding out more about Dale Carnegie as well. Dale Carnegie has good teaching of sales and presentation skills that have been proven to work in practice. The teachings are actually from real situations and have been proven many ways in years. So they are from real situation for those who want and have the willingness to get the deep meaning of how you can see the world in the nice way, full of possibilities and how to handle situations even in hard cases.

My favorites after Dale Carnegie are Julian Treasure and Matt Abrahams. Their way of thinking, i have found to be useful in practice. They also quotes Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie is very important part of successful speaking in spontaneous situations but of course applying these things in right way overall in life is the most key point of all. Here is a good audiobook by Julian Treasure.

I haven't found any book by Matt Abrahams but this presentation he gave is excellent. This presentation from Julian Treasure is also really relevant and practical and full of very great points.

Often i don't watch these kind of videos because i like to think myself, and internet is full of pointless things very easily if you get that whatever mindset and listen everything seriously, witout thinking anything by yourself. These audiobooks and two videos what i have found are, in my opinion, practical and useful and actually contains very useful thought to think about. About business, about public speaking and success and self-confidence in different situations, which are often directly proportional with life with the right suitable applied mindset.

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