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SharkDoom servers

SharkDoom servers are public Doom2 servers for everyone. Servers are also listed in the Doomseeker application.

SharkDoom: ~~[Surf at own risk]~~ | Welcome to play!

Server IP address is Cooperative server with Shillax and uses several other mods to be a great combination of fun mayhem.

SharkDoom: Going Down

Server IP address is Cooperative server with Going Down wad.

SharkDoom: Insanity Deathmatch

Server IP address is Completely crazy Insanity Deathmatch with AeonDM maps.

SharkDoom: DM

Server IP address is Deathmatch server with several maps like udm3. Freelook, jumping and crouching is allowed. Thanks to '''Runner who have provided the WAD file mycotimewave2.wad

SharkDoom: Golf

Server IP address is Great way to kill some time, like hitting a golf ball. This is like "golf with your friends" -game style gamemode, just playing golf and having fun.

All the mod files:

Servers runs 24/7. Servers may sometimes be down for a few minutes due to maintenance. If you have any technical difficulties with the server or if you find that the server has been down for several hours, please contact me about it and i fix the problem. You can find all the contact information from bottom of the front page.

Simple rules

  1. Chatting needs to be reasonable.
  2. Be relevant, respect others.
  3. Have fun! (ᵔᴥᵔ)

These Doom2 servers are mainly for Tappajahai Discord and Twitch live streams and followers but it is also free for everyone. You can follow Tappajahai in Twitch or join SharkNetwork Discord.

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