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SharkNetwork - Minecraft server

You can connect to the server by using this server address: sharknetwork.g3r.fi

SharkNetwork Minecraft server is a public Minecraft 1.16.5 server for everyone. More information on the website sharknetwork.k3r.fi and forum sharknetwork.k3r.fi/forum. Server administrators Maweles, Tappajahai and Lark3ri.

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Server runs 24/7. Server may sometimes be down for a few minutes due to maintenance. If you have any technical difficulties with the server or if you find that the server has been down for several hours, please contact me about it and i fix the problem. You can find all the contact information from bottom of the front page.

Simple rules

  1. Chatting needs to be reasonable.
  2. Be relevant, respect others.
  3. Keep the landscape nice and pretty.
  4. Have fun! (ᵔᴥᵔ)

I'm the technical guy and also an administrator of this server but for the most part i focus only on hosting the server and the servers technical side. My in game Minecraft name is Lark3ri. Mainly i'm not anymore a developer or a builder for the Minecraft servers, what comes to the in game configurations of the Minecraft servers and the construction of the buildings.

I still do some in game configurations if needed and build some stuff, helping and obviously playing the game normally. I stop maintaining the in game configurations of the game and focus only on the technical side of hosting, because I can't stand how time consuming and complicated the Minecraft server is to configure after the first one, especially if there are multiple addons at the same time running. Primarily, the in game configuration work has been delegated to other administrators on this server.

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