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Thoughts of making this


Before using this feature, Be sure to read the Privacy Policy. I wrote this program because i have long been thinking the idea of URL Shortener program because i own short domain names and it would be interesting to do that, and now i did.

If you find a problem with the system, please let me know and i fix it. Development ideas and thoughts are welcome. However, please tell me about them with the relevant clarity and rationality, please let me know kindly and clearly by email what you have in mind or using any other possible contact. You can find all the contact information from bottom of the front page.

I didn't want to use Google sign in because I don't like Google so much that i would like it to be on my website permanently. I had it first and it worked but then came the problem with the release. Google demanded something more about something that i didn't want to give.

For years i have been planning to make my own login system as well. Now that Google was like that, I had a good reason to program and implement my own login system which was the hardest part of this project. Internet doesn't help to give you any real help, tutorials or ways how to do own login system completely and securely.

So, this is really the result of years of just planning and thinking how, putting the pieces together and thinking how it would work. I have not been in a hurry, the idea of doing own login system has been in the plans for years. Of course, taking all the help from the internet for whatever possible that is decent and reasonable but still thinking to myself alot and not relying any words that "somebody says" how it should be because i have to be self-confident about what i do, not just believe what someone else says.

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